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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Growing up and your parents made you mad? You would mumble under your breathe "I hate my mom" or "my dad makes me sick" but NOT once when you were mad with your parents did you ever think about causing them physical harm or killing them. I can also say that you & I are made out of a different cloth then this younger generation. 

I will admit we see hate in our communities everyday with Black on Black crime! We have gangs, drug rivalries, jealousy & envy, stupidity and ignorance. And yes, the list can go on and on but I can only wonder what HATE, ILLNESS, DEPRESSION, CONFUSION or MINDSET can have so much lack of respect for life that they plan (whether short or learn term time span) killing innocent little children and adults in great numbers. 

Yes, most of the time they always wind up taking their own life but if that is their end goal then why do they have it in their head to take others with them? 

I want to say what most people never talk about aloud. But we need to. There have been too many massacres in our schools and colleges and in our communities. 

Are we not paying attention to the threats? Are we not paying attention to their actions? Are we ignoring "their cry for help?"

So my message to all: "No matter how ridiculous you may think a situation is, if it offends someone, make someone mad, make someone act out of the norm.....if it brought about harsh words, or a (im gona get you look)....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lets start paying these signs close attention and stop brushing things off because it's something YOU wouldn't do....Cause guess what? Someone else will do it!!!!!!

If it's a situation where other lives are at stake and you can't handle it.... call the authorities but do not ignore it. Putting it in someone else hands for them to investigate is better then acting as if it never happened or won't happen.

Yes, every school/daycare facility and/or any where children are housed  should have metal detectors because our past history shows us that "hurt people will hurt people and we must protect our innocent children! 

Our nation is stunned by these violent acts, but we can no longer act as if these senseless acts/rampages are taboo or isolated. It can happen any where/any time so we need to add awareness into schools emergency preparedness plan where not just staff and administration are trained but in classroom workshops to educate kids on the warning signs that we have learned about from other incidents. 

As educators, non-profits, social service, government officials and advocates, we must bring awareness too an open door policy of concern. Because when it comes to individuals not being able to handle situations or feelings we all know that it may lead to others getting hurt. So lets implement tools such as a drop box placed in several areas of schools where students can drop a note of concern about a fellow classmate. The same for the workplace; the hotline that most work places have should be open to families and friends who want to report something that may diffuse a situation or stop a senseless act and save lives. 

These suggestions are only my thoughts but I am more then sure once the right people concentrate on a strategy; the right plan will be put in place. 

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a love one or friend due to violence and I pray that you are able to heal and find peace. 

And you wonder why the film of the year is called God's Crying....catch it in 2013.....Truly yours,
Phillys Own Gossip Girl

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